Mar 13, 2013

Beta Keys for Game Testers

The video gaming business today has become a multibillion dollar industry. 

This is the main reason why a lot of people at different places have a desire of becoming a part of such business.
If you would notice at this day in age, technology has advanced faster than we know it. Gaming

industries from all over the world are making more of a profit as compared to the movie industries and this is the main reason why a lot of people prefer to become programmers, developers, professional games, game artist, and anything that is related to the computer industry.

 If you are fond of playing various online games or absolutely a game lover, it would be very exciting if you have the chance to play a certain game before it is released in the market.
What is more exciting about this is that you can actually enjoy playing games and at the same time get paid.

Yes, you can actually have an income just by playing and testing a game.

 However, game testing jobs are not that easy at the start but as long as you have enough patience and committed to work and learn, you will be able to get the job.

Additionally, if you posses certain skills and passionate enough, then you can actually earn more than you expected.

In reality, game testing jobs are not necessarily easy most especially if you are not very good in playing and does not really have a passion for it.
But worry no more if you are a beginner because there are free beta keys you can take advantage online.

With the wide range of sites today, you can easily find websites that specializes in providing and offering free beta keys for online games.

 Furthermore, in order for you to do game testing jobs very well, you also need to know how to write regarding bugs although some companies provide forms to make such writing a lot easier on your part.

Once you become a professional game tester, you are mainly responsible for finding and reporting not only the game bugs but also the game glitches when it comes to the final phases of the leading games.

Unparalleled kind of communication skills will also be necessary which means you need to determine the circumstances in particular under which the problem arise. Lastly, as a game tester, you definitely have to spend a considerable amount of time supplying as much feedback as possible.

Overall, you will eventually see that there are a number of benefits you can take advantage once you become a game tester.

First of all is the unending fun and thrill you will surely enjoy while playing new games.
And aside from being the first to play certain online game, you are also authorized to keep the game and will be given a final version of the games you have tested. Indeed, a game tester job is a smart way to make an efficient income and at the same time have fun.

May 6, 2012

Free Beta Keys Giveaway



Hello, welcome to free beta keys

At this website, we gather beta keys, and give them away for free.

We always try to stay up-to-date with keys for the newest and best game beta's.
If you need a beta key for any game, and we do not already got a giveaway for that beta, feel free to send us an email/request the code for the game. We will do our best to gather one for you.

Now you might be wondering, how we can share the keys out for free?
The reason is, our advertisers pay us a set amount of money per visit on our website. As they get their product advertised trough our website.

And we use those money, to gather beta keys which we then share out for free. Leaving both us, and you (the user) in a win win situation. We both gain.

Currently we giveaway beta keys for the following games:
halo 4

Great news! Diablo 3 and CS GO has been released and is no longer in beta. 
But we will now begin sharing legit keys for Diablo 3 and CS GO.
This will work on multiplayer!
Download page:
diablo 3
counter strike global offensive

Therefore, please be kind to share this website with your friends, they might want to play beta games too, right? And as more visitors we gain, as more keys can we give away.

More info about game betas:

Getting yourself a good website that releases the latest beta keys can make you always up-to-date with gadgets and games being released.
A beta key in terms of gaming can be described as a code which is given specifically to you and is used to download a game beta. 
There are also other ways in which you can get a beta key for a game other than getting them from websites and this is through getting mails from game developers.

Gaming and other types of websites are most common when it comes to giving out beta keys.
Most people think that these keys are meant for kids though that is wrong, these keys are meant for all those that are interested in a game that is yet to be released.
They are helpful in terms of giving feedback to developers on what they think about the game before it is released.